The key word to my books is Christian.
Do not expect fantasy creatures of the night.
Human nature can be evil enough.

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​Dream Catcher

General Christian Fiction

​               Dream Catcher Series

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ISBN 978-1-4834-4026-2
Dream Catcher

        The first book in the series. David is only nine when Dad drowns on the last day of vacation.Haunted by what he witnessed, he thinks life can't get any worse.  That is until Mom marries Mr. Fulton, Dad's business partner, a much older man who never had children.  To escape the beatings and verbal abuse inflicted by his step-father, David runs away for the sixth time. He is placed in foster care at the age of almost thirteen, until the Court can find out whom to blame.  For a boy accused of lying and stealing, no one will believe what he heard Mr. Fulton saying on the phone about his business dealings. But his foster-father, Mark Whitehorse gives him the chance to be a normal kid again and learn about his need for the love of  Jesus in his life.


David and Mark have a new challange.  A deaf boy named Freddie comes to live with the two of them while his great uncle recovers from a bad fall and his father is in jail after telling the truth about business practices.  Fortunately David has begun learning sign. Mark hopes to adopt David as his legal son.  Freddie is only with them for short term.  The two boys bond as brothers, both having suffered a great loss in their young lives. David still has problems trusting. Freddie helps him, always ready to joke and laugh, seeing the lighter side of life.  David shows him Jesus. Freddie didn't  know the sign or his need of a savior. Their foster father is amazed as he watches the two of them support each other. As for Ms. Delores, Mark's lady friend . . . well you just have to read and see about their relationship. 
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Dream Catcher Series 

     David is learning to drive when one of his friends is killed in a traffic accident. Mark and Delores foster two little girls. Delores, who is pregnant with a little girl, decides to quit her job and stay home with their growing family. The youngest foster, Grace who is only five,  is afraid to sleep alone though her sister shares a room in the big old house. Leave it to Grandfather to find a solution. David, while trying to get over his shock, begins clowning with a group from Church. He is able to forget his own problems  and reach out to others desperately needing a kind smile and  a moment of humor.
  ISBN 978-1-4834-8162-3
Adult Christian, Science/Mystery Fiction

  Protectorate Series



For twenty-one years Wizard, also known as Uncle, raised and educated Aurelius.  Since the boy was born a mutant, being a Healer with Before-time knowledge was his only chance for survival.  The Protectorates were desperate for secrets he had been given. But first he must learn to abide by their laws or be judged evil, like the cult members of their day. A sheltered young man, he was terrified of his new world. Assembly Guardian Master Raymond had killed Uncle, who claimed to be an outlaw physician. What choice did he have? No home or family, he must dedicate himself to Protectorate Assembly.

                                             ISBN 978-1-4834-6949-2


                                   WHERE EVIL DWELLS
                           BOOK OF THE PROTECTORATES # 2

Jason Aurelius is an Elder Healer working in pediatrics with Assembly Guardian Master Randolph as his supervisor. Maybe not his best choice of a service, considering how Guardian Master feels about him. Aaron accompanies him on his first home calls alone without a senior Healer member. The two have not met since Jason Aurelius' Assembly presentation. Now they are faced with the horrors of their world. Jason Aurelius must choose between defending Aaron and his devotion to Raymond as guardian.

I​​​​​​​SBN 978-1-4834-7141-9

                                     A TASTE OF VENOM    

                        BOOK OF THE PROTECTORATES #3

Four years hasn't mellowed the nature of Guardian Master Randolph towards Master Jason Aurelius. If anything their relationship has grown more strained. Desmond attempts to intervene, but it only makes Randolph more hostile. Jason Aurelius is promoted to Guardian Master, and sits on Assembly for a day as Raymond's proxy. Though Jason Aurelius isn't assigned as a full time Assembly member, his BEAM unit being charged with venom,  it begins to display unusual talents. It rears its end to defend him when threatened, sending sparks of red and gold at Raymond and Levi.
A conspiracy in Protectorate shows its ugly head as members are murdered. A dear friend of Jason Aurelius is the first. Even Court Assembly has traitors. Supreme Ruler James Hilton finds it necessary to assist in restoring peace.

                                                    ISBN 978-1-4834-8936-0

                                    Release day -  summer of 2019 
                                            DREAMS OF PEACE

                             BOOK OF THE PROTECTORATES #4

Enforcer Jacob is away at a special school, learning how to cope with his coming darkness. A new threat has entered their life to destroy the fragile peace. Clarence Foster has organized a group of young men with the intention to overthrow the government. Jason Aurelius and Aaron are caught in the field when violence comes to their basically quiet town. They are forced to seek refuge with the Stuffer family. Many others in the field have been murdered. Including two members who have stood by Jason Aurelius as loyal Enforcers. If that isn't enough for Healer to handle, Aaron tells him the truth about the venom which Frederick administered when he was twenty-one. A safeguard venom to keep him pure, not a dictator like Luther Manfred. But there will come a time when it stabilizes. But what must he endure until that date in the future?